Study resources for members

Chorale members:

Below you will find links to Youtube videos that will help you learn the music for our upcoming season.  These come from a performance of “Melodious Accord” that was conducted by Alice Parker with the Master Chorale of Washington.


  1. House of our God (Zion)
  1. Lord, I approach thy mercy-seat (Burford)
  1. Come ye disconsolate
  1. Be joyful in God
  1. The voice of my beloved sounds (Spring)
  1. Guide me, O thou great Jehovah (Tamworth)
  1. When I survey the wondrous Cross (Retirement)
  1. Come, O thou traveler unknown (Vernon)
  1. O how happy are they (New Concord)
  1. That glorious day is drawing high (Zion’s Light)
  1. How sweet to reflect (Eden of Love)
  1. How pleasant thus to dwell below (The Parting Hymn)
  1. God moves in a mysterious way (Union)


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